CASE TECH™ CRYSTAL Clear Collection Case For Apple Phone 6

The CASE TECH™ CRYSTAL Clear Collection Case Protects My iPhone 6 Without Hiding It

I’m a not a neat freak, but I prefer to care for my individual belongings so that they can last long, particularly those with a price greater than the regular income of many friends I know – including myself till not too long ago.

So, when at last I was able to purchase my first iPhone, 2 years ago, it didn’t take long (only 2 days) before the first scratch appeared on its back surface. That was a lesson I didn’t anticipate having to learn that quick – I had not been able to show my priceless financial investment to all my good friends and coworkers yet! I went on Amazon and ordered a safety case for my iPhone immediately, although, given that the damage was by now done, I felt as if I would be hiding as opposed to protecting my dearest Apple phone.

Let’s fast forward to last Christmas, when I chose to reward myself and to upgrade my Apple phone to an extremely professional silver iPhone 6. Yes! However, this time, the very first thing I did RIGHT AWAY was going on Amazon (sounds familiar?) to buy a durable protective companion case or bumper. After typing into the search box the words SAFETY CASE FOR IPHONE 6, there were a lot more cases that I frankly expected having to pick from: nice cases, not-so-pretty, super-cases, jelly-like cases, chunky armor cases on steroids and a lot more. For another way of interpreting this, consider having a glance at: More about this iPhone 6 Case product. What I needed was something light-weight, slim, that would ensure security without covering the slick silver color of my iPhone 6 nor hiding its elegant style. Did I want to show it off? Needless to say! Who wouldn’t?

What I ultimately purchased is the CASE TECH ™ CRYSTAL Clear Collection for iPhone 6, which is precisely as explained and perfectly fits all my needs:

* Super slim fit design for iPhone 6
* Compact, light-weight, durable and dust resistant
* Great protection for your device from scratches, dirt, dust and damages
* All phone controls and slots remain fully accessible
* Made from anti-dust technology pure 100 % hard plastic material

And did I say that it snaps on easily onto the back of the phone with a perfect fit? It came in a cool packaging box, and it was delivered in no time (I have an Amazon Prime subscription, with 2 days free delivery, which is a very good service, BTW…)

There might be better or more shielding phone cases out there, but I am not planning to be careless nor toss around my iPhone like a toy, so I will leave all the super-duper-chunky-armor-style cases alone and let my silver (did you get gold?) iPhone 6 free to shine through a case like this for a long time..

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